For Leaders, Sales People And Managers


Discover how Visuals can make an immediate and impressive impact, in next to no time.

Ideal for meetings, for sales, and in presentations, webinars, workshops. 3 formats that matter: Visual Sketch Notes. Visual Workshopping and Visual Story Telling.

  • Works for both internally, and externally

  • For all sizes of teams and businesses

  • simplifies the complex

Meetings Suck


(For meetings, workshops, socials or sales)

  • People Can Only Remember 7 things

  • They can convey so much more than words

  • And used to express metaphors

  • They are fun to use and mean something

  • Visuals increase retention of information by up to 75%

  • Visuals can be used as a full language

  • They connect with the audience

  • Visuals help to tell a story

Visuals are easy to use.

Yet they are incredibly powerful!


  • "Trevor used Visual Sketchnotes to walk us through our Pitch Deck and helped us to remodel it for our investors.

    The process was fast and easily understood by all stakeholders.

    Andy Wood

    CEO, DNA Block


Creatives, Marketing Managers,

Developers, Project Managers

Making an idea come to life requires:

space, buy-in from others, support,

team-work and creativity.

Then a decision to back it.

The Process Minded

Creating ideas, plans and roadmaps can be liberating, but only if the systems and processes are in place to move them forward.

We help with product, process and systems development to ensure your projects have positive outcomes.

Managers and Team Leaders

Bringing everyone with you, getting their support and including them all can be tough.

We help with team alignment, inclusion, representation, collaboration and ideation.



Process Management

Change Management


Team Building


Design Sprints

To Connect With Clients Better

  • To allow you to present better

  • To connect with your audience, be it 1 or 500 people

  • To close more sales by showing you are listening and understand their needs and pains

  • To make Social Media 'fun'

To Connect With Staff Better

  • To make the complex easier to follow

  • To allow them communicate in a way that works for them, if they want

  • To help to remove many pre-existing biases

  • To grow team alignment

  • To make meeting and workshops 'more fun'

Visual Planning, Visual Sketch Notes,

Visual Facilitation & Visual Storytelling.

You are NOT alone.

Over the last 12 years, we have worked with a wide range of businesses, from Astra Zeneca to a window cleaning company from Birmingham.

The similarities are surprising and differences keep our work interesting. Yet, all benefit from making the complex appear simple.

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3 Steps To Better Communication

Communicating with others can be tough. We make it simple.

We use Visual Sketch-notes, Visual Facilitation and Visual Story Telling to make the complex simple. We make it easy to understand and remember.

We help you to run your meeting in a new way, or train you to do it yourself.

We've been doing this for over 12 years now, for some major companies, so we've had a bit of practice. If you want to know how we have helped them, just give us a shout.

We don't bite!

Building Your Roadmap
  • Visual Sketch Notes

Making sense of meetings and discussions through simple representations

  • Visual Facilitation

Using the skills of being a Master Workshopper to help you to run meetings, come up with solutions and layout plans for the present and the future.

  • Visual Story Telling

Turning the complex into easy to understand visual stories, to be shared at all levels.

For sales, marketing, L&D, HR ...

Other uses to consider

Run better (or fewer) meetings

Discover 10 ways to run better, or fewer, meetings. Not just your usual options, but some new ideas.

Visual Planning (and scheduling) made easy

This is mainly for Ops Managers, Planners, Schedulers and L&D Depts. It is a software option, not a workshop, but is amazing.

Roadmaps and plans

Ideal for startups and if you intend to pivot your business. Roadmaps also help keep teams on-track and pulling in the same direction

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